• Considering both Chair Clinic and “Office Hours” models

  • The clinic is an idea rooted in the summer 2019 Symposium on Creating Collaborative Departments and Chairs. The Chair Advisory Board is piloting this clinic with the intention of developing…Read More

  • Case study examples include the current General Education Review and Inquiry Committee (GERRI) process For more information about COACHE survey and results, visit the COACHE web page.

  • Handbook will include: Part I: Why Are You A Department Chair? Moving Beyond Rotation. Part II: The Pragmatics of Being a Chair Part II: Being a Chair at DU

  • Release date TBD.

  • A second P2PSSC is currently planned on April 28 from 4 – 6pm. It will be held via Zoom and will follow a somewhat similar format as the pilot but…Read More

  • The goal of the huddle is to support chairs and directors by providing the tools needed to navigate their roles especially during this time of sustained crisis. Join your colleagues…Read More

  • Rashida Banerjee, Hava Gordon, Andrea Stanton and Keith Ward advise how department chairs can translate this spring’s emergency responses into leadership approaches for a crisis that could last well into…Read More

  • Zoom C&D huddle
  • This goal of the Chair Handbook is to help DU faculty at the start of their new roles as Department Chairs. It offers practical advice and guidance, and ideas on…Read More

  • CAB members meet to discuss ongoing structure and member guidelines
  • CDG new chair orientation sessions

    In August, two orientation discussion sessions are to be held on Zoom. The first session — “Chairing in Crisis” —  is for all chairs. The second session (August 27, 11am)…Read More

  • Chair Development Team gathering for the new chairs and directors

    On Friday December 4th, the Chair Development Team held a gathering for the new chairs and directors. This was an informal gathering where we discussed our greatest challenges, biggest surprises,…Read More

  • Zoom screenshot of lots of faces in a grid

    DU’s first Emerita/us Faculty Panel will be chaired by former Chancellor Rebecca Chopp and organized by the Tenure-Track Faculty MOARS committee. Featured Emerita/us Professor Panelists: Bill Cross, Morgridge College of…Read More