Deliberative Decision Making


Chairs who are well-trained and practiced in the art of deliberative decision-making will be well-equipped to run department or unit meetings in a fair and transparent way where all voices are heard. Open and credible decision- making processes will generate better decisions, which are more responsive to the felt needs of faculty and students, with an enhanced commitment to their successful implementation.


To support departments and units in deliberative decision-making by developing decision-making guidelines and practices and providing training and consultation.

Scope of Work

  • Identify decision making practices currently in use.
  • Develop a set of decision making models and best practices to be disseminated and provide training and consultation on their use


  • VPFA and Senate President and four faculty members, plus research assistance and IR
  • $1,000/committee member for professional development

COmmittee Members

Annabeth Headrick

Annabeth Headrick

School of Art & Art History, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton

Geography & The Environment, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Effley Brooks

Effley Brooks

Pioneer Leadership Living and Learning Community, University Academic Programs

Jack Sheinbaum

Jack Sheinbaum

Lamont School of Music, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

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Spring 2020DDM
Feb 2020DDM

Working Group performs lit review, discusses relevant case studies for faculty training, reviews COACHE process quality data

Case study examples include the current General Education Review and Inquiry Committee (GERRI) process For more information about COACHE survey and results, visit the COACHE web page.

Nov 2019DDM