Chair Advisory Board


This working group will found a “Chair Advisory Committee” that will set the agenda and coordinate quarterly meetings for better communication with the Provost and all chairs, directors, and people in similar roles. They will schedule peer-learning opportunities for Chair & Director clinics. They will also work to accurately describe and quantify the workload of a chair to inform our approach to the entire “life-cycle” of the chair and necessary onboarding, professional development, off-boarding, and chair transition.

Benefits: Decrease stress and fatigue by equipping Chairs with the tools needed to more effectively balance their workload expectations with their own scholarly goals; to create a network where chairs can share insights with one another and more effectively communicate needs to their Deans and the Provost; establish a feedback loop between departments and the Provost.


Support chairs through entire “life-cycle” by providing onboarding, professional development, off-boarding, and transition; as well as networking clinics. Create a feedback loop between Chairs &Directors (and people in similar roles) and the Provost’s Office.

Scope of Work

  • Create a clinic for collective problem solving for chair like roles
  • Create a Chair Advisory Committee
  • Work on quantifying the work of the Chair to inform a lifecycle approach to chair development

Committee Members

Cindy Cragg

Cindy Cragg

Communication Management, University College

David Corsun

David Corsun

Director & Associate Professor, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management

Joe Angleson

Joe Angleson

Biological Sciences, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Michael Keables

Michael Keables

Geography, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Individual consultations allow chairs and directors a way to have confidential conversations about sensitive matters. If you are a chair or director with an issue that you would like to discuss via private consultation please complete the following form. Please include a brief description of the issue and preferred days/times to meet. Members of CAB are available to meet for consultation by appointment only.

July 6, 2020Chair Advisory Board
June 3, 2020Chair Advisory Board
April 28, 2020Chair Advisory Board

2nd Peer to Peer Solution Seeking Clinic Clinic

A second P2PSSC is currently planned on April 28 from 4 – 6pm. It will be held via Zoom and will follow a somewhat similar format as the pilot but..Read More

April 7, 2020Chair Advisory Board

Chair and Director Huddle

The goal of the huddle is to support chairs and directors by providing the tools needed to navigate their roles especially during this time of sustained crisis. Join your colleagues..Read More

Spring 2020Chair Advisory Board
Feb 24, 2020Chair Advisory Board

Pilot of the “Peer-to-Peer Solution-Seeking Clinic

The clinic is an idea rooted in the summer 2019 Symposium on Creating Collaborative Departments and Chairs. The Chair Advisory Board is piloting this clinic with the intention of developing..Read More

Feb 2020Chair Advisory Board

Considers different approaches to support chairs

Considering both Chair Clinic and “Office Hours” models

Nov 2019Chair Advisory Board

Chair Advisory Board Working Group Updates

Peer to Peer Solution Seeking Clinic Report

Peer to Peer Solution Seeking Clinic Report

In the spirit of providing a confidential and collaborative way for department chairs and academic directors across all DU academic units to share and address common challenges the Chair Advisory Board, in coordination with Kate Willink, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, piloted the Peer to Peer Solution Seeking Clinic (P2PSSC) on February 24, 2020.

read more