The CAB’s scope of work is to 1) create a clinic for collective problem solving for people in chair-like roles; 2) create a Chair Advisory Committee; and 3) quantify the work of chairs, directors and people in similar roles to inform a lifecycle approach to chair development. The “Chair Advisory Committee” will coordinate monthly meetings among the Provost and all chairs/directors to provide two-way feedback loops and better communication. The committee will also schedule peer-learning opportunities for chairs/directors.

Current and prior chairs/directors are invited to apply. Current CAB members and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (VPFA) will follow deliberative decision making procedures for selecting new members that will allow for a balanced and diverse set of knowledge, skills, and abilities on the board, as well as balanced university-wide representation. Members serve at the pleasure of the VPFA for a term of two years and receive a modest research stipend. Applications should be submitted by July 31, 2020. Review of applications will begin August 1, 2020.